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The word "Uruaú" means big basket, and it refers to the lake located in-between the dunes that form a source of water and food for the local area.  The Uruaú lake is one the largest in the State of Ceará being more than 18 kms in length. Uruaú Beach is a good choice for families or couples with plenty to do and see in the area.  Ecotourism, sports, adventure travel or sightseeing Uruaú has it all.


Major attractions and activites in the region:




The name Fortaleza (the nearest major city) means fortress. The first building erected in Fortaleza was the Fortress Schoonenborch, built in 1649 by the Dutch, who at the time had invaded and were occupying cities in the Brazilian Northeast, such as Recife and Natal. With over 2 million residents, Fortaleza is a large metropolis with a very fun-loving typically Brazilian atmosphere. Two words define Fortaleza; fun and party. Sunny is the norm on the 25 kms of its beaches. In fact, Fortaleza is the Brazilian coastal city with the highest number of sunny days throughout the year. Fun loving is the permanent state of spirit of the city. No wonder wealthy Brazilians flock to the northeast and Fortaleza for their holidays and what attracts them and foreigners alike is a combination of endless sunny beaches, a busy and safe nightlife and delicious Brazilian foods.

Canoa Quebrada


One of the areas you may want to visit during your time at Uruaú Beach Residences is Canoa Quebrada, which is 68 km away.  It has a great number of attractions. It has a beautiful beach and other activities including: Dune Buggy tours through the beach sand dunes and red cliffs, Scuba diving, horseback riding, cliff gliding, capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), or adventuring through the fishing villages and ecological trails.  After a long fun day at Canoa Quebrada you can walk to the top of a sand dune and witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.




A popular beach destination in Ceará is Beberibe.  Known worldwide for the exquisite beauty of its sea cliffs and sand dunes. The town located about 89km southeast of Fortaleza also has quieter beaches, and is a favorite among windsurfers, or Ariós and Prainha do Canto Verde, pristine fisherman's villages. Buggy rides are a fun way to get around; local ATV tours can range in duration from about two to seven hours and cover beaches such as Morro Branco, Uruaú, Caponga and go as far as Canoa Quebrada.  A fun way to spend the day
Uruaú Beach Residences are central to many adventure and tourist areas and is your perfect home base.

Mar de Luz - Fortaleza

Kite Surfing - Logoa Uruaú

Uruaú Beach Image Gallery

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